Farm Girl Chic

While I was home for Christmas I was showing my dad some of these images and his immediate response was that this is my ‘farm girl chic’ look.  While most instances I would take offense to that, I could not help but laugh.  I know he meant well when he said it, so it was just a funny statement.  For real though, I do love this dress.  Farm girl or not, the black and white plaid is classic and I love the tie around the waist!

Dress | Shoes | Sunglasses

I love this Current/Elliott dress because I can throw it on with my sneakers, or dress it up with a pair of boots.  The tie at the waist helps to break up the plaid pattern and accentuate my waist more than a usual shirt dress does.  The material of the dress is super soft, which means however I decide to wear it I will be comfortable!

Photos by Darian Kayce Photography