So true story, I used to buy all my clothes at least one size too big.  I am not really sure why (or how I made it work), but I loved everything to fit loose.  I do feel that part of the reason was that I was very self conscious about my body and the way I looked, but eventually it became a comfort thing as well.  I can still remember talking to a mentor of mine during college and her telling me to “start wearing things my own size!”  She meant good by it and ever since then I have slowly begun to accept myself in true fitting clothing.  As silly as it sounds, by purchasing my true size, I have come to love my body even more, no matter how I look that season.  It also probably helps me to keep myself in the gym, but needless to say, you just gotta own what you have and be proud of it because you are beautiful the way you are!

Top | Pants | Shoes | Sunglasses

Now, while I do buy my clothes true to size now, I still love the oversize style.  A loose fitting button down is something that I find true comfort in and have always loved.  This top is unique because from the front it looks like a typical oversize button down, but the split up the back adds a little bit of excitement.  The material is so soft, so I love when I can throw this top on and just go!  I do not wear it every day anymore, but every now and then I throw that oversize item back in the mix!

Photos by Darian Kayce Photography