A Guide to Nashville

Back in November we went to Gatlinburg, TN with Jon Luke's family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I had been dying to visit Nashville so we headed there a few days before to spend some time in the Music City before we headed in to the Smokey Mountains.  I have to say, I very quickly fell in love with Nashville and all it had to offer.  It was picturesque on almost every corner, the food was amazing and I loved the artsy vibe the city exuded.  Needless to say, I would quickly move there if I could and loved pretty much everything about it.  With that being said, I wanted to do a little round up of things to do while visiting Nashville in case you are planning a trip of your own!  There are SO many great options of sights to see and food to eat so you can't really go wrong!  

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So I am going to break it down by places to stay, sights to see, food to eat and drinks to try.  I could probably go on and on but I am going to try to stick to my favorites.  So see below for some fun spots and good eats!  

Places to stay

1. Airbnb - We used an Airbnb for while we were there and it was amazing.  The house was darling and the couple who hosted us was even cuter.  And it was crazy because we had college connections!

2. The Thompson Hotel - This hotel is new to Nashville but it was pretty much hotel perfection.  We visited the rooftop bar while we were there and had a blast.

Good Eats

1. Bar Taco - Seriously some of my favorite tacos.  We ordered almost every taco on the menu and they were delicious!

2. Burger Up - Also in the 12 South area, Burger Up is an amazing option for burgers.  It is a smaller restaurant, but the area is so cute and the vibe at the restaurant is great.

3. Five Daughters Bakery - I. Love. This. Place.  I mean... serious donuts.  But SO good!

4. Whiskey Kitchen  - This was one of our first stops when we arrived and the Bloody Mary was on point!  Apparently their brunch is a go-to for a lot of people.

5. Saint Anejo - If you want more Mexican, this is a great spot.  The food was great and the atmosphere was a lot of fun as well!

6. Merchant's Restaurant - This spot was a lot of fun because it was right on Broadway.  We had a great meal then walked to the nearest bars for some fun and country music.  This restaurant was cool because each floor has a different menu!

7. The Grilled Cheeserie - So this was the best grilled cheese I think I have ever had.  When we were in Nashville, The Grilled Cheeserie operated out of a food truck, but now I think they have their own space in the city!

Tasty Cocktails

1. The Thompson Hotel Rooftop - Not only are the drinks good, but the view is AMAZING!

2. Tootsies Orchid Lounge - I mean it's a classic.

3. Pinewood Social - This entire venue was awesome.  A coffee shop greets you as you enter, then it opens up to a restaurant/ work space.  If you keep walking to the back, there is the cutest bowling alley where you can bowl, snack and drink all night long!

4. Acme Feed & Seed - This is a great option on Broadway!  Multiple levels with lots of variety and the sushi was really good!

5. The Patterson House - A sneaky good drink spot!

Sights to See

1. The Country Music Hall of Fame - If you are a country music fan, then this was actually really cool!

2. The Ryman Auditorium - Also a great Nashville staple!

3. Broadway - I loved walking up and down Broadway because there was amazing music in literally EVERY bar.

4. 12 South - This was probably my favorite area for no real reason other than it was just super cute with lots of great food options! And while you are there, you can stop at the "I believe in Nashville" wall for a photo op! 

5. The Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge - I was a lot of fun to walk across the bridge and see Nashville from the river.  Especially if the weather is good, it was a lot of fun!

I know there are probably SO many more things to do in Nashville, and trust me, I cannot wait to try them all!  I was so thankful for the time we had there and loved each of these spots, so you definitely can't go wrong.  Like I said though, the entire city is pretty much perfect though so just enjoy all it has to offer!