If you follow a lot of fashion related accounts on social media, then you have probably seen this bamboo bag by Cult Gaia often.  It is nothing short of fabulous and yes, it is everywhere.  But when something is this good you expect it to be everywhere right?  Its unique shape and design has definitely caught the eye of many in the fashion industry, and it is making its presence known!  I know I love it!

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I was shopping recently and my sales associate told me something that I loved.  He said, "your outfit is like a have a main character and supporting characters."  At first I was confused by what he said, but it quickly began to all make sense.  If you have a statement bag, it serves as your main character.  In this case, the rest of your outfit would be supporting characters.  This means, they are not the star, the bag is.  They should complement the bag and allow it to stand out on its own.  Support the main character.  I love this because it could be said for any item of clothing, or accessory and in this case, my Cult Gaia bag is the main character.  It is fun and perfect for summer.  My casual outfit allows your eye to be drawn immediately to the bag, supporting it and allowing it to stand out on its own.  This bag is definitely a star!