Whether people believe it or not, when I get dressed in the morning, a lot of the time I want to stay in my sweatpants.  Guilty as ever, but I get easily get overwhelmed planning outfits.  Yep, it happens to me too.  If it is not something I can wear workout clothes to then my brain is in constant motion and I second guess EVERYTHING I think looks good.  I have always done it, but eventually I am able to conquer the indecisiveness.  When I am deciding though, my first go-to (after the workout clothes) is a comfortable pair of denim.  For whatever reason I feel confident and sexy in a good pair of jeans so I would choose to wear those over anything else.  Again, not sure why or what brought this on, but it has lead to a love of these distressed boyfriend jeans by One Teaspoon.

Sweater | Denim | Booties | Sunglasses

This sweater though.  I am so in love with it, I just bought it in black also.  Not only is it comfortable but it is SASSY!  The low back...(insert heart yes emoji here).  I love this blush color, how it fits, how it feels....yep pretty much everything about it.  I think you need it also.