Dog Sledding

I have been fortunate enough to experience some exciting things during these 27 years I've been around.  From skydiving to sailing the Mediterranean Sea in Greece, I have a list going that I cannot complain about.  Recently during our trip to Alaska, I added a good bit to that list and I have to say this experience was one of my absolute favorites.  Dog sledding on a glacier...BUCKET LIST.  So we flew in to Anchorage, Alaska, then drove to Seward the next day.  We were SO fortunate to have BEAUTIFUL weather (like crystal clear skies) so it was hard not to love Seward.  Once we arrived, we walked around town and had lunch (I will go in to more detail later when I post the full guide to Alaska), but then it was time for our first excursion...a helicopter ride to a glacier where we went dog sledding.  Yep you read it correctly.  I mean, pure magic.  Just check out these pictures.

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How cool is that?!?  When I say I was giddy beyond belief...I truly was.  It was not only super cool to actually ride the sled, but to speak with the workers and hear their story about how they got there.  Some of them have raced (or are about to race) in the Iditarod, which is insane.  If you are not familiar with the Iditarod, it is the known to be one of the most difficult (if not the most difficult) dog sled races, and it is held in Alaska.  Racing for around 1,000 miles, these dog sled teams spend DAYS on the course and we were lucky enough to sled with some of its competitors!  The world's cutest competitors at that.  Anyways, this was definitely an experience I will never forget and would recommend it to anyone who is making the trip to Alaska!  We worked with Seward Helicopters for our excursion and they were fantastic.  Such a great group of people...I am ready to go back! Ready, set, MUSH!