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Happy Friday everyone! We did it, y'all.  We made it to the end of the week and to DAY FIVE of Gracefully Taylored's Five Days of Fitness!  Today, I want to tell you all about my Kayla Itsines BBG workout.  I jumped on the Kayla train about three years ago and do not regret it one bit.  I had seen her/her client's results on her Instagram account and always thought, "WOW! This is amazing," so I bought in to the craze.  I bought the original Bikini Body Guide workout (before the App came out) and did the twelve weeks guide.  Y'all...I saw serious results.  Now I can buy the 12-24 week PDF or I can keep using the App but I love this workout!  

So to break this workout down, you basically have three days of circuit training.  You can choose to do your circuits on Monday/Wednesday/Friday (or however you choose) and on the other days you will do your cardio.  She mixes in different exercises for each circuit workout and each day you will focus on a different area of your body.  So for example you may have a day of leg work, then arms & abs, then full body.  On the in between days you do your cardio for about 45 minutes and you can walk or run at your own pace.  This workout is great for me because I can do it from the comfort of my own home!  I love just being able to get up and knock it out in my garage and then go about my day.  It is perfect.  If you have been debating trying it out, I would definitely recommend you do so!  I promise it is well worth it!

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I hope you have enjoyed my little Five Days of Fitness thing this week!  It has been fun to give an inside look at my workout routines!  BUT, since Christmas is right around the corner, I figured I would round up a Gift Guide for the fitness lover in your life.  Keep reading to see some of my favorite picks for this holiday season and shop for that special person.  Happy shopping!