I Love You More Than...

I have to say, Jon Luke is a very patient man.  He puts up with a lot being married to me.  I know people say he knew what he signed up for, but at the same time, he continues to put up with it DAILY, which I am thankful for.  One of the things I'm sure he gets tired of is the constant need for pictures.  Whether we have to stop somewhere and take one (usually multiple times before I find one I like), I make him wait to eat his food, or I make him participate in full on shoots with me...I can guarantee you it is not something he looks forward to.  BUT, he does it, and does it (most of the time) with a smile.  This means more to me than I am sure he knows, and is one of the many reasons why he will be my forever Valentine.

Me: Top | Jeans | Shoes  ||  JL: Top | Jeans | Shoes

This year for Valentine's Day, I wanted to do something fun and casual.  A friend of my has a beautiful calligraphy business called Wit & Fellow Calligraphy so I knew I wanted to brainstorm ideas with her on a card for Jon Luke.  Once we got to talking, she suggested the "I Love You More Than" card and I immediately loved the idea.  This would be a fun way to show each other how much we love one another, so...my friend went to work.

It is funny because Jon Luke and I are alike (and different) in so many ways.  I gave him his card before our pictures and told him to fill it out with whatever he wanted.  Funny, or serious, what do you love me more than?  Naturally, I did the same.  Once it was time to exchange cards, we both died laughing because both of ours had to do with food!  It could not have been more perfect because he has more of the sweet tooth in our relationship, while I constantly crave french fries.  The entire thing made us laugh and sums up our relationship perfectly.  So for my Valentine, you mean the world to me.  I could not imagine doing life without you and I am thankful to call you mine.  And most importantly...I love you more than french fries.