What is it that gives you life?  Is it certain books that inspire you to be better?  Television shows that make you want to change the way you live?  Or people that are filled with such joy that you can't help but smile when you are with them?  What is it?  Have you thought about it?

When I was in college, I had a mentor who used to tell me to fill my life with "life-giving" things.  From what I read, to what I watched, to who I hung out with.  It was always important that I was conscious of these decisions.  The world around us can definitely fill us with life, from it's beauty and it's mystery, but are you being filled in the right ways?   What we choose to surround ourselves with reflects how we choose to live (can I get an AMEN?).  WHO we surround ourselves with can be crucial to how we grow and act.

 This weekend, I was lucky enough to share some quality moments with four, life-giving women.  These four are strong, they are encouraging, and each of them is filled with such life that I cannot (and do not) want to live without their friendship.  I was able to laugh with them, and even shed some tears with them.  We talked about where we have come from and how to be better.  We talked about who we want to be.  I was not only encouraged by these four, but I was truly inspired to be better.  I'm telling you...LIFE-giving.


As I am sure most of you saw on my Instagram stories, I spent some time with four super cool chicks this past weekend.  Paula, Kendall, Chandler and I came together in New Orleans as an opportunity to meet for the first time.  Yep.  We had never met in person before.  Thankfully, Paula connected the four of us on Instagram as a group of like-minded women who could talk about our faith, our struggles and pray for each other when things get crazy.  I invited them down to the Big Easy as an opportunity to get to know one another even more and y'all...I would do it again one thousand times.  Each of these women are so different, yet so similar, but they are nothing short of AMAZING.  When I tell you the weekend was everything I needed I would kind of my lying to you.  It truly was MORE than that.  What I thought would be a fun weekend with the girls turned into a friendship that I don't ever want to lose.  I hope to continue to learn from them.  Share with them.  Be inspired by them.  And so much more.  If I had to share only one takeaway from the weekend, it was mimic what my mentor used to tell me.  Find those "life-giving" people and FILL your life with them.  I promise it will make things that much better.