When I think of the beach, I think of white linen.  First, it is soft and lightweight so it's perfect for the humidity.  Second, I love how I the white looks against my skin when I have a tan!  But in all seriousness, linen is a go-to for me on our beach trips.  This linen option from Reformation was an immediate YES when I saw it.  I love the off-the-shoulder look and everything about the fit.  It was perfect for the little picture session JL and I had (yes I made him) and then for the night out!

Dress | Bag | Shoes (old similar here)

So yeah...JL and I had MORE pictures taken.  I know, I know.  I need to stop.  But I really do love having images together from different stages in our life!  It is so nice to look back at these memories and say, "oh remember what we were going through around that time?" or "that vacation was awesome!"  Either way, I love having different sets of images and typically take them and turn them in to some sort of coffee table book.  That way when we are sitting around in ten years looking back at our travels and life together, we will be able to share with our loved ones all the exciting things we have done!  I will probably share more of these images one day but for know you at least got a glimpse.  Happy Friday!