I am sure you have seen on the world of social media, but recently I took a girls trip to Marfa, Texas.  I know...if you are reading this then you probably follow me on some form of social media and have probably been OVERLOADED with these pictures.  Well, I do apologize BUT the trip was really just that amazing.  While our time in Marfa was short, we definitely made the most of it.  Talking with locals, visiting the hot spots and eating the good stuff, that is what it is all about right?  YES!  It is.  This is why I love traveling because before my trip to Marfa, you may have though it was merely a blip on the map.  And you were wrong.  That precious little town is more than a blip.  Way more.  And I am going to tell you why.

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When planning our trip to Marfa, we made a pretty detailed list.  We had looked into websites, other travel guides, videos, name it, we probably saw it.  Only having a few days to play with, we knew we had to be intentional in our planning but also make sure we saw everything we wanted to see.  Below I have rounded up all of our favorite spots, including food, lodging and things to do! Enjoy!


Let's start with food.

1. Food Shark - Yep it's a food truck, and it'z AMAZING.  You have to order the Marfalafel because it is to die for.  I seriously could have gone back for seconds.  They have this cute school bus on their property that you can eat in also! (see here)

2. Stellina - If you want a good sit down place, definitely stop here.  We ate here on our first night and it was wonderful.  Their menu changes daily because they keep every SO fresh!  It is true farm-to-table!

3. Jett's Grill - This little joint is located in Hotel Paisano and it is a good time.  They have a great patio where you can sit outside and enjoy the night air.  And their burger was SO GOOD!  We enjoyed some wine after a long day of photos and I was a happy camper.

4. Capri - We didn't actually get food here but the bar was a great stop!  They have a beautiful garden area that backs up to their bar so it was the perfect place to sit and relax.

5. Do Your Thing Coffee - It is small, but it is fierce.  And they had Wi-Fi.  No but really their coffee was really good and we actually were able to get some work done!

6. Dairy Queen - I am not ashamed to say that we got snacks at Dairy Queen.  Y'all we ran around like crazy and it was hot.  So sometimes you just have to take a break and go to Dairy Queen to get a large Diet Coke.  I'm just sayin.  It worked out though because this sweet old man came and sat with us so we were able to hear more about Marfa life!


Lay your head down.

1. El Cosmico Marfa - Well this little place will always have my heart.  You can stay in an air stream (see ours here and here), a tepee (see here), a yurt or you can bring your own tent!  It is super cute and perfect for your West Texas adventure!

2. The Thunderbird Hotel - This also looks like the perfect little Southwest pit stop!

3. Hotel Paisano & Hotel Saint George - If you are feeling like staying in a true hotel you have these two options as well!  They are both right in the heart of town.


Get out and about.

1. Prada Marfa - It is a Prada store in the middle of nowhere.  I mean, need I say more?  No but seriously see more from when we made our pit stop here and I promise you will want to go.  

2. Ballroom Marfa - This building is a dance hall turned art gallery and I was obsessed with it.  Not only does it look beautiful, but one of the things I loved most about Marfa was that they took old buildings and turned them in to something new and beautiful.  The Ballroom Marfa now serves as a contemporary cultural arts space that showcases a variety of art and music!

3. Marfa Mystery Lights - Yes, they really are a mystery.  We drove out to the viewing center one night and unfortunately did not see them, but we talked to different people about it and some really had!  Definitely look in to the story of these mystery is so intriguing! 

4. Freda - Want to get some shopping in? This little shop is to die for.  It is tiny but it is SO cute. There are actually locations in New Orleans so I have visited those.  It was cool to go see them in Marfa though!

5. Marfa Contemporary - Located next to the Ballroom Marfa, this looks like it was an old service station, but has now become another beautiful gallery.  Also showcasing different art from local artists and beyond, you should definitely check out their exhibits! 

6. The Chinati Foundation - We were not able to see this on our trip but I bet it is worth the stop!! Especially if you are in to the art thing.


Marfa, you are loved.

Marfa was well worth the wait and I LOVED every second of it.  I hope this guide helped you for your own West Texas adventure someday!  My best advice to give is to 1. be prepared for the dust, and 2. be sure to remember that sometimes those little blips on the map are far more amazing than they may seen.  Happy travels!