On The Go

The other night a friend of mine texted me and simply asked where I was off to next.  Now I haven't talked to her in a while, and I have not told her of any upcoming travels, so I was confused as to how she knew.  When I responded to her question with an innocent, "what do you mean?",  her response made me laugh.  She (very kindheartedly) said, "well you two are always somewhere new when I open Instagram, so it has become a guessing game for me!"  Hahaha really?!? My travels are a guessing game?  Well, then I sat down and really thought about it and I have been going a lot.  Nothing huge, but I have definitely been on the go.  With that being said, I am actually packing for a little getaway to the beach this weekend (I promise I stay home!) so I thought it would be the perfect time to share my travel must haves.

Dress | Jacket | Sunglasses | Shoes | Carry-On | Headphones

There are a few things that I MUST have with me when I travel.  Some people might think this is a no-brainer, but others may not really think about it when they travel.  Aside from a comfortable outfit that will last on any flight, keep reading to see a few items that are ALWAYS in my carry-on!

1. Headphones - I rarely travel without may headphones.  Even if it is going to be a short trip.  I need my jams, and something to cancel out the noise.  For some reason I am a baby magnet and always have one sitting behind me!  My new Sudio Sweden Headphones are PERFECT for my travels because they cancel out the noise, they are comfortable AND they look darn good.  The white and gold marble makes these headphones easy on the eye for sure. (Get your own pair and use code GRACEFULLYTAYLORED for 15% off!)

2. A Good Read - I have been crushing Nicholas Sparks books lately.  I had to travel a lot for work these last few months so I loaded my iPad with easy reads.  I admit, I am a sucker for a good love story.  Any suggestions you have, send them my way!

3. A Lasting Carry-On - Majority of the time I use a carry-on.  Even if I check a bag, I figure, why they heck not?  Well, we all know I am obsessed with marble, so this Calpak luggage is perfect for me!

I know they may seem basic, but be sure to invest in the best.  I promise your flights will seem easier, your music will sound better and you will enjoy your travels that much more!