Packing Musts

It's almost here!  I am seriously busting at the seams waiting for this Marfa adventure to begin.  I feel like I still have so much to do to get ready, but it could not come soon enough.  I have been laying clothes out all weekend, trying to make sure I do not miss anything!  And naturally I probably will have 1000 errands to run tonight.  But its okay because pretty soon I will be back in the Lone Star State, eating Tex-Mex and beginning our adventure!

Top (old similar here & here) | Pants | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses

So when I go on trips of this nature (where I know I will be doing a lot of picture taking/blogging) I try to be extra specific when I plan.  I mean truthfully if I did not have a weight limit or charge from the airline, I would have an endless amount of luggage.  But on this trip we are also going to be slightly limited time wise so I need to make the most of it.  With that being said I have done my best to make lists of the things I need to be sure I have.  This helps me with planning, space and making sure I do not forget anything for the trip!  I find that I truly get the most out of my vacations when I am organized.  I start of the adventure with a lighter spirit because I am not stressed about what I may have forgotten.  So for this trip specifically, there are things I know I need.  Keep reading to see some of my "Marfa Must Haves!"

1. Camera - I mean, do I need to elaborate?  Whenever I travel, no matter where I am going, I always have some form of camera with me.  It is in my nature to take pictures of EVERYTHING!

2. Sunglasses - I won't lie, I bought these sunglasses pretty much for this trip.  I have wanted them for a while but could not justify buying another pair (I have an addiction), but just talked myself into it.  They really can make or break an outfit!

3. Map/GPS - I mean most of us have access to this on our phones but we are driving so back up is needed.  I love getting lost but we also have a time frame!

4. Western accessories - The location of my vacations definitely sets the mood for my wardrobe.  Marfa is going to be fun because it will be slightly different than my everyday attire, and allow you to see different sides of my personality!

5. Boots - I was told to watch out for snakes.  I don't mess with that at all.