I have really been throwing my parents for a loop.  I think seeing me in all this pink has them slightly concerned.  For real y'all.  Fun fact about me, I did not have hair until I was about two.  This meant that my dad would dress me like a boy and (if I had to guess) did not correct them when people assumed I was a boy.  The name 'Taylor' can go both ways right?  Really though, I was a straight up TOMBOY.  Like, ball cap, dirty face, skinned knees kind of kid.  When my best friend dressed up as a fairy princess for Halloween, I was the Pink Power Ranger.  (And I was only the pink one because they were sold out of the white.  So even that was a struggle.)  Then the next year she was Princess Leia and I was Darth I am not lying.  So I'm sure you can imagine, I have never been a pink person...and now look at me.

Top | Jeans | Sunglasses

I really am not sure what has gotten in to me.  I truly think it is more of a 'blush' that I love, but the more I wear blush, the more I see myself looking at pink items.  This shirt is a prime example.  It definitely pushes the 'blush' limit, and in my opinion, tends to be more pink.  I'm okay with it though.  I love the off-the-shoulder trend and the tie detail gives it the perfect feminine touch.  It is a fun shirt to wear and it didn't break the bank! (which is always nice!)