Pure Barre

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Well it's DAY TWO so you know what that means right?!?  It is time for me to introduce another workout that I choose DAILY to stay in shape.  Today, it is all about Pure Barre.  And to start, I actually have a funny story about how I started taking Pure Barre.  I was in class during graduate school, secretly working on my wedding website, while my professor spoke about something I obviously was not paying attention to.  I was newly engaged and a newly retired tennis player with a bum knee and mission to fit into my wedding dress.  True story.  Thankfully, there was a girl in my class who was teaching at Pure Barre and she invited me to try a class.  While my initial reaction to her invite was "I was not a dancer," she quickly convinced me that was unnecessary.  I figured if I didn't need to be a dancer then this would be easy right? I mean, I was a Division I tennis player.  Yeah...wrong.  I could not stop shaking.  So needless to say, five years ago I started Pure Barre...and now I'm addicted.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pure Barre, the best way to describe it is...small movements, big change.  This total body workout uses small isometric movements to help create long, lean muscles.  During each workout, you focus on those key areas including your thighs, seat, arms and abs, working to feel that shake.  They often use the term, "lift, tone, burn," because you do just that in each class.  You lift your muscles, tone your body and BURN! 

Lift. Tone. Burn.

Thinking about my first Pure Barre class really makes me giggle.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect.  While many people believe that ballet is incorporated, or that they have to have a dance background to take class, that is not the case at all.  Really, you just been to be able to hold on to the bar, as the founder Carrie Dorr puts it.  Anyways, when you get to the studio for your first class (make sure you arrive early), come with an open mind.  Be sure to have socks (sticky if possible) and a water, and wear leggings, pants or capris.  The instructor will get you signed in and go over some of the basic technique with you before you get started.  Listen to what they have to say because each class is fast paced!  While taking, take that time to focus on yourself.  I was so distracted during my first class, looking all over the room and feeling insecure about how I looked.  The truth is, no one is watching you.  This 55 minutes is about you and how YOU can make your body feel.  Once class is over, if you are confused, do not be afraid to ask questions!  That is what the teachers are for!

So in continuing my story, I am obviously still taking Pure Barre.  I have been addicted since the day I started for a few reasons.  First, I love the vibe at the studio.  All of the studios I've been to are great and super welcoming.  Second, I love that the workout is low impact but I still feel exhausted when I leave.  With my bad knees from tennis, I can only do so much high impact activity.  Unfortunately, I am getting old (yep, I said it) and for someone who likes to run, I have to mix things in that are easy on my knees.  And Pure Barre is just that.  It is a total body workout that creates long, lean muscles.  Which brings me to the third thing I love about Pure Barre.  I love how I feel when taking Pure Barre.  It has toned my muscles and made me feel strong and confident.  The Pure Barre brand truly embodies the idea of a "strong self" and I LOVE that!