Road Trip

Recently I have spent an abnormal amount of time in the car.  Starting with our (AMAZING) road trip to Marfa, Big Bend, El Paso and White Sands to now jetting to Auburn for the weekend, I have covered a lot of ground.  And while sitting in the car for an endless amount of time can get old, there are also ways to make it entertaining!  For you today, I am sharing some road trip essentials for me that may make you road trips that much better!

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So car rides actually don't bother me much.  When JL and I were dating, and engaged (and actually part of the time we were married), we lived apart.  This meant we spent many weekends driving back and forth to see each other, which also meant I became very comfortable with my car.  My favorite thing to do was to open my sun roof and blare Whitney Houston's, "I Want To Dance With Somebody," like I was her back up singer or something.  But no one could hear me so it was fun!  Anyways, that leads me to my first road trip necessity. 

1. A good play list - Having good tunes (that won't be repeated constantly) is crucial.  Mix it up for this!  Add some throw backs, some new stuff, something slow and something fast.  You can add stuff that you can sing along to, or stuff that calms your soul.  Either way, the car is the perfect place to jam.

2. Snacks - For me this is Sour Patch Kids and White Cheddar Popcorn.  I love them but only eat them on road trips.  It's weird but its true.  

3. Sunglasses - I mean, when do you not need good sunglasses?

4. Games - This is crucial when traveling with friends.  It is always fun to play games with your friends while you drive! Before you know it you will be an hour further into the trip!

5. Navigation - If you trust your phone great.  Otherwise you probably need some other form of navigation.  I know in our case on the Marfa trip, there were places we went through where we lost service so a back up was good to have!