Showing Off

Growing up, I will admit, I had a lot of insecurities.  Being a tennis player, I was very muscular and always thought I was "thick."  I was negative about almost every part of my body, then to top it off I had TERRIBLE tan lines.  One area I always avoided was my back.  For some reason I was always concerned about what my back/backside looked like.  Granted, I did not wear a lot of revealing things in general when I was younger, but swimwear or formal was always a struggle.  I never figured out if it was really the drastic racer back tan line that threw me for a loop, or if I thought I looked too muscular, but seriously...was never a fan.  BUT, I think that has all changed!  With a mixture of becoming comfortable with my body and developing a deeper sense of fashion, I have come to embrace my backside and LOVE it!  Open back or low cut, I feel strong and confident now when I can show off a little skin!

Top | Pants (similar here & here) | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses

I have been a huge fan of the open back trend lately.  True story, I am so drawn to this look.  This top in particular is fun because it shows off both my shoulders AND my back but has the perfect casual look to it.  For this look, I loved how the little crop paired with my denim culottes for a casual day look.  Pairing it with my Stella McCartney platforms was the perfect choice because it added even more dimension!