As of late, I have been drawn to the idea of jumpsuits.  Why? I am not exactly sure but I do know that I thoroughly enjoy them and this one in particular is super sassy.  So as I say I enjoy jumpsuits, my typical style has been the long pants (that are most likely wide leg with a higher waist), and a top with flowy sleeves.  Occasionally I will throw in strapless, or an open back, but my mindset is usually "classic" for a jumpsuit.  Yeah...not at all what this jumpsuit is.  But I took a chance, and I am so glad I did because I truly love this piece and did not want to take it off.  This piece may not be "classic" but it is definitely statement worthy.  And I love making a statement.

Jumpsuit (also love the black) | Hat | Sunglasses | Shoes | Bag

I truly loved the vibe of this jumpsuit.  The deep v in the front took me out of my comfort zone for sure, but it was different for me which I loved.  With the mixture of the low front and open back, I felt sexy but not too over the top.  When I said before that I typically prefer jumpsuits that have wide leg pants/high waist it is because I feel like I can hide my hips a little bit.  With this piece I embraced my curves and loved being able to show off my shoes as well!  

Side note, how cute is this pink fire station in Marfa?  I am beyond obsessed with that little town!