The Home T

Today I'm sayin' hey from the bayou.  Yep, I am about to share a little about Louisiana and this place I call home.  If you know me (or have followed me on social media), you know that I was born in Dallas, Texas.  After my senior year of high school, I made the decision to attend Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama (yes it's an extremely small town) and had a college experience I will never forget.  After graduating, I worked in Auburn for two years and quickly began to think that it was going to be home for a while.  Well, the Lord had other plans.

While Jon Luke and I were dating, he graduated from his master's program and and moved down to the bayou for a job.  I stayed in Auburn to finish my master's and to work because we were still only dating.  Shortly after though, we got engaged and married, and I eventually made the decision to follow him to Louisiana.

Now, at the beginning I will definitely say it was a lot.  Thankfully, I have family in Louisiana and had grown up coming to visit, so I was very familiar with it.  That was a plus.  The downside though...I didn't know anyone else, I had no job and we did not have a place of our own.  So needless to say, I was very hesitant to say I was happy here.  As time went on though, job opportunities came about, we purchased our first house together, we found our first fur baby and we have developed friendships that I know will last forever.  Louisiana quickly became home. 

I could not imagine life without this period spent here in the bayou.  I do not know where we will end up, if we will stay here or move somewhere new, but I know one thing.  My time here in Louisiana has been so precious.  As I said, we have had many firsts here.  Things I will always remember as being landmarks of our marriage.  Memories that will hang on our walls for years to come.  And relationships that I will never want to be without.  So with that being said, no I was not born and raised here, but Louisiana will always be home to me.

Tee | Shorts | Shoes | Sunglasses

I came across The Home T after seeing them on the popular television show Shark Tank.  I was interested right away because of their simple design, they looked to be very comfortable and most importantly their donation to Multiple Sclerosis Research.  And I will tell you what, they definitely deliver.  I absolutely LOVE my tees from The Home T (yes I have two) because they are SO soft and comfortable.  Again, they take 10% of their profits and donate to Multiple Sclerosis Research and they are made locally in the United States.  I mean, they've got things figured out for sure!