My head says work, but my heart says adventure.  I mean this is my everyday battle.  I know I have to make a living and contribute to the family, but if I had it my way...well I would be gone.  The sense of adventure is just something I cannot get rid of.  I love seeing new places and experiencing new things.  More than most I am sure.  I am constantly wanting to be on the go, and always have a running list of places to venture to.  I am currently prepping for an amazing girls trip (stay tuned!) which means my mind is just spinning.  My list continues to grow, which I am completely okay with.  Now it is time to start crossing things off!

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In the spirit of adventure, I am going to share some of my list with you here.  As I said before, the list seems to be never ending/always changing, but I am okay with that.  It makes those adventures even more fun if, and when, they are spontaneous.  I just like to keep people on their toes!

So here is a piece of my list:

1. Italy - Now, some of you may know that I minored in Italian and studied abroad in college.  Some of you may not, but the truth is I have been in love with Italy since I was a junior in high school when my dad took me there on a vacation.  And yes, while I have been before, my husband has not.  So really I want him to experience Italy.  I want to see one of my favorite places in the world with him by my side.

2. The California Coast - Both Jon Luke and I would like to drive down the California coast.  We have a few places in mind we would like to stop and see/stay but really we want to take our time on the open road and enjoy the journey.

3. Tulum, Mexico - There is one hotel in particular in Tulum I would love to stay.  It is amazing and we all know I love the beach.

4. Bali - This would be a dream, but I am determined!

5. Bora Bora - I would love to spend an anniversary in Bora Bora.  Almost relive our honeymoon if you will.

I really could keep going with my list but I am going to stop there.  You never know, I may have some exciting trips in the works so be sure to follow our travels on social media with #GracefullyTayloredTravels.  Or you can head to the 'Travel" page on the blog to see more!