White Sands

My heart longs for adventure.  I know that sounds so cheesy but it truly does.  When I am able to go experience new places I am the happiest person ever.  If you follow me on social media, you know that I recently went on a West Texas Road Trip with some gal pals.  Well, on our way back to Dallas, we decided to take a slight detour up to New Mexico to visit the White Sands National Monument.  We had seen it in pictures and were so close when we were in El Paso, so we could not pass on the opportunity to stop.  Now, when I say White Sands, you might think, why would you want to go see sand in the middle of no where?  Well you keep looking through these pictures and I promise you will see why.

Dress | Sunglasses

It's magic isn't it?  Words cannot even describe how I felt about this place.  When we first drove in to the park, I won't lie, I was slightly confused.  But as you get deeper into it, these dunes grow and you become surrounded by the sea of white sand.  We would drive to different parking areas, then just go run through the dunes and when I say I stood there in awe...I truly mean it.  After our brief visit to White Sands, I would love to plan an actual trip to New Mexico and spend more time there!  It was amazing!