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It is that time of the year: Christmas is in full swing! I don’t know about you but my Christmas shopping is complete (some even wrapped) and my Christmas list is ready. (Santa, I think I have been pretty good.) haha But seriously, I am that person that will think of random things I want throughout the year and add them to my a note in my phone. Things that I would never buy myself because I don’t really need them, or they are too pricey, or I just need ideas…you know the drill. This is the time when I can say, “yep, this is what I want.” And EVERY year for the past few years (probably five to be specific), I have had one thing on there that means more than the jewelry or clothes: my photo books from Artifact Uprising.

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I think I have told you guys before, but I started making Artifact Uprising books right after Jon Luke and I got married. I decided that whenever we would take a trip, I would document with plenty of photos and create an album to have for memories. I made two of their hardback photo books and was in love. Then, they released their lay flat album and that was it. I decided to create a volume series, if you will, of all of our travels. Each book will be the same fabric on the outside, with the same text, but all will have a different title with the month and year of the trip on the binding (see above). Once I made my first lay flat album and received it in the mail, I could not be more excited.

One of the best things about Artifact Uprising is how EASY the process is of making your album. All you have to do is select which book you would want, select fabric colors and font colors (you can see them all in the selection process), upload your pictures and go! Artifact Uprising makes the design process super easy by providing page layout options for you. You can determine your layout based on the number of pictures you want to use by simply dragging and dropping. Once your page layouts are in place, drag and drop your image to fill the space! When you have it where you want it, you can simply save your book for later, or add it to your cart to checkout. It will be delivered to your doorstop before you know it and you will be enjoying your new book!

SO, with all of that being said, currently in my cart I have the following books ready for purchase: St. Lucia & Paris (re-dos of the first books I made because now I want them to match), Florida, Greece, and Napa. My collection at home currently includes Alaska, Gatlinburg, and Argentina. So you can see why I have them on my Christmas list each year! Not only do I ask for them though, but this is HANDS DOWN my go-to gift for my family. Two years ago, I made Jon Luke’s grandparents a book from our trip to Gatlinburg and last year his parents, aunt & uncle received the Alaska book. (And it is a safe bet that some people are getting them this year also…) I just love how special these books are and how beautifully they turn out. It is so fun to have them out on display for our guests to flip through when visiting our home and I cannot wait to let our children look through them one day. They will be able to see how their mom and dad have changed, as well as all of the places we have been! There is always a story and I truly believe that these photo books help tell them beautifully.

You still have time to get your photo book ordered for Christmas if you order by TONIGHT! Head over to Artifact Uprising now and get going on your project! You can use code GRACEFULLY to get 15% of your book also so don’t miss out! Good luck and Happy Holidays!