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I am sure you have probably been able to tell, but I have a lot of weddings happening in my life right now.  One in particular is for my main girl, Darian.  As you see EVERY DAY when I post on social media or the blog, Darian does a lot for me.  A LOT.  Words cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for her, which brings me to this season in her is my turn to do something for her.  With that being said, I am showering her with wedding fun, from bridal showers to bachelorette parties, and have been thankful for Basic Invite and their beautiful invitations!

No matter the theme, color, or even paper style, Basic Invite had it all.  They truly make the entire process so easy that I felt like it took no time at all to create my perfect invitation.  First, their designs are endless.  From classic designs, to floral, to beautiful watercolor looks, I was certain I would be able to find the perfect invites for my girl.  And one of the best things was that they had almost UNLIMITED colors to choose from.  All I had to do was find a design, then change the colors to what I wanted, down to the smallest detail.  I could instantly preview my selection, make any necessary changes, all to make sure the card was exactly how I wanted it to look!  Once my invite was complete, I had the option of order custom samples.  GAME CHANGER.  I am so particular when it comes to design, the custom samples allowed me to see what the invitation would look like in person before I had to commit to a complete order!  This was definitely my favorite part.  During the process, I went ahead and found several designs I liked and ordered samples of each.  Once I had them in hand, it was much easier for me to decide which ones would be the perfect choice! 

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I truly have so many good things to say about Basic Invite and will definitely continue to use them for my invitation needs.  Whether you are looking for bachelorette party invitations, customized bridal shower invitations, or even wedding set invitations, they have you covered!  And if you want to make things REALLY easy, Basic Invite also offers a free address collection service, keepsake guest books, and free wedding websites!  You really have everything you need in one place, which is why Basic Invite is a great place to go for all your invitation, or stationary, needs!  Use code 15FF51 for 15% off site wide!