Comfort Zone

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So lets talk about that comfort zone for a second.  You know, that area that you tend to hang in until you are pretty much drug out into that awkward space...yeah that one.  We all love our comfort zone.  I mean, why leave it?  Why take ourselves out of something we are used to and put ourselves into a situation that makes our hands start to sweat?  I will go ahead and answer these questions from my perspective...I probably wouldn't leave.  I am guilty.  I am guilty of pitching my tent in my comfort zone.  And y' is a comfortable tent.  

Last month when the girls and I took our trip to California, we stayed at this BEAUTIFUL Airbnb in Malibu.  Truthfully, this entire experience was life changing, but it took me a hot second to actually click the "reserve now" button.  I mean, it is a trailer in the middle of no where in the mountains of Malibu.  Yeah right off the bat that sounds magical, but when you read the fine print it states that the electricity is limited, you have to be aware of animals, and there is not much food in the area.  So immediately, my hands started to sweat.  I questioned whether it was worth it.  I tried to convince myself that I could find us a cute hotel near the beach.  I started to look at a situation that had the potential to be magical and turn it into something dreadful.  BUT WHY??  Because I was afraid.  I was scared of what COULD happen.  I was living in this fear of the unknown and wanting to just play it safe.  Until that moment I realized that I was letting this "fear" interfere with my life. was time to step out.

Well, you obviously know what happened.  We booked the Airbnb and IT WAS MAGICAL.  I mean to be disconnected from the world for even just one evening to sit with my girls and watch the was everything I needed.  All of the things I was so fearful of before the trip were not even on my mind.  And you can see why.  This beautiful space was truly outside of my comfort zone.  And it felt so good to be there.

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But in all seriousness, think about your comfort zone for a second.  Are you sitting in a place of consistency, not wanting to "change" the ritual because you're too comfortable?  Right now, in our season of life, I think about my comfort zone, and how much I enjoy it there.  But then I truly begin to think about this area, I realize that I am truly being held here by one thing...FEAR.  Yep, I said it.  Fear of the unknown is binding me to my tent.  Keeping me locked inside.  And it is convincing me that there is no need to leave this little space.  But with that being said, what happens if I don't?  If I live in this constant fear of stepping out, then who will hear my voice?  See my plans?  How will my dreams come to life?  

I know it seems silly to compare the decision to stay at a unique Airbnb to my LIFE decisions.  But it is a valid comparison.  I let my heart be afraid of the unknown.  Where are we supposed to live?  What am I supposed to do job wise?  All of these things don't have answers right now, which make them scary.  The scariest.  But then I remember that no matter what I try to plan, prep, or do to make my life seem like it is in order, the Lord has a plan for me that might not be my own.  And it is the faith I have in HIM and HIS plan that defeat the fear.  This fear that was once so prominent in my life seems so small and unimaginable.  My strength overcomes and my faith makes even the space outside of my comfort zone, comfortable.  And for all of this I am so thankful because to be honest, life it fun outside of my comfort zone.