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What do you think it means to be fearless?  Someone who will jump out of airplanes?  Or maybe someone who can walk through a haunted house without skipping a beat?  Or maybe someone who is battling cancer but continues to put on a brave face so that no one knows anything is wrong?  What is it that truly makes someone FEARLESS?  Well, if you are trying to think of one right answer, I don't think there is one.  I think FEARLESS could be seen in a variety of ways.  And I think we can be fearless in some areas, but extremely fearful in others.  Take me for example.  Will I jump out of an airplane? Yep, done that.  Will I travel around the world?  Yep, done that too.  Will I walk through a haunted house?  Absolutely not.  Am I afraid to put myself out there and tell people how I really feel?  Yep, most of the time. 

You see, my outer fears seem very minimal.  But those inner fears...they get me every time.  I am TERRIFIED of how people will react to every Instagram and/or blog post.  I am always scared to offend some one, or hurt someone by what I say.  I am scared thinking about how others are judging the way I look.  But why? Because the enemy sits in my ear and constantly tells me I am "no good."  He tells me I am not interesting.  I bore people.  That I am not worth following.  And that might be true based on some people's opinions, but here's the thing.  WHO CARES?  For whatever reason, I felt that I wanted to start blogging.  I enjoy it and I love the creative side of it. (Obviously I hope you all like it also) And so far it has seemed to work...like I am doing it for a reason.  So why be scared?  I should be EXCITED to put myself out there, CURIOUS to see what people think and ALWAYS READY for feedback/criticism.  I don't want to live within these fears y'all.  I want to be FEARLESS.

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Jacket | Tank | Leggings | Sports Bra | Sneakers | Sunglasses

So we all know I love my active wear.  Athleisure if you will.  I really could (and most of the time do) wear my workout clothes all day.  It is easy, comfortable, and when I am ready to hit the gym...I am literally ready to hit the gym.  This entire look here is Sam Edelman Active from Amazon Fashion.  I love black (it is slimming), and I love how this look can easily go from street wear to the gym.  The mesh detailing in the leggings make them stand out a bit and I obviously LOVE the message on the tank!