Game Day

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If you all are like me then you are SO EXCITED for football to start back! Yep, true life.  I am excited for football.  I grew up watching football with both of my parents and have always loved sports.  When I was deciding where I wanted to go to college, I can't lie, I chose to go to an SEC school because I knew the football would be fun.  I just love it.  Fall evenings, grilling out and watching the makes for a great Saturday night in my household.  

But with that being said, I have come to love game day fashion.  It is on game day that I get to mix two things I and sports!  Seriously though, if you have never gone out to campus on game should.  It makes for the best people watching for one.  But it is also a giant fashion show! (some good and some bad of course). Either way, I love it, so I wanted to share some of my tips when dressing for the game!

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Okay so I have pretty much only been to football games in the south, which means that more than half of the season it is hot.  With that being said, my number one tip when dressing for the big game is to dress for the heat.  There is nothing worse that being stuck in a football stadium, full of people, and dripping in sweat.  Think about it.  That doesn't sound fun right?  So when you're getting prepared!  Wear lighter clothing, comfortable shoes and something that will allow your body to breath.  I promise it will be worth it!

The second thing I think about is obviously my team spirit.  Some way, some how...I have to show my pride.  BUT, I am not the person that is going to go buy something that I would only wear on game day.  I like to think practically and purchase things that I can wear multiple times.  I want to be able to get the most for my money if possible so A LOT of my game day specific looks, are things that I would wear to other events!

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Third thing I want to consider when dressing for a game days comfort.  I mean, a football game can sometimes be an all day event.  You will be in the heat all day.  On your feet all day.  So when you're getting dressed...dress comfortably!  I love rompers, or sets that are loose and flowy, but I am also a huge fan of a cute tee.  Someone I can pair with shorts I already own, or jeans and boots is easy for any football season.

So the last thing I have to think about for game day is my bag.  Everyone stadium in the SEC (and most NFL stadiums) have a clear bag policy.  For safety reasons, stadiums around the country are adopting this policy, which means I need to be prepared.  And thankfully Kelly Wynn has me covered with this super cute cross body!  First, it meets the clear bag credentials, and second, the color is perfectly neutral, no matter who I am cheering for!