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I think most of you know this about me, but I am blind as a bat.  Seriously, CANNOT see.  Unfortunately, I started to realize this on the tennis court when that little yellow ball would appear fuzzy on the other side of the net...and I do not mean physically.  Once I started losing matches due to my inability to see, I finally admitted defeat and went to the eye doctor.  Now, I was about 12 years old when all of this went down (5th grade?), so you can imagine, I was TRAUMATIZED at the thought of getting glasses.  I had just started at a new school, I was about to get braces, I mean...pretty much my world was ending.  So, with that being said, I opted for contacts.  And from that point on, I very rarely wore my glasses in public.  In fact, most people didn't even know my eyes were bad.  Until lately.

Now that I have gotten older, and maybe a little wiser, I have realized a few things.  First, it can be beneficial to wear my glasses every now and then, allowing my eyes to rest from the constant irritation of contacts; and second, they can actually be a CUTE fashion statement!  I'm not sure if I am just a more confident person these days or what, but I actually enjoy wearing glasses now!  So with ALL of that being said, let me introduce you to my new frames from Eyemart ExpressEyemart Express (or Vision 4 Less) is a leading eyeglasses retailer with more than 28 years of experience in fitting and providing quality and affordable prescription eye wear to their customers.  They make the entire process of selecting the perfect frames, to filling the prescription, super easy and quick.  With a lab in every store, this allows the staff to have your new frames ready that SAME DAY about 90 percent of the time!  Talk about ease!

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When I visited the store to select my frames, I opted for a pair from the Plume Collection. This collection of frames are all super light weight, and are handcrafted from ultra-thin UTX, which is a type of plastic that makes this new line 40 percent lighter and HALF as thick as typical frames.  This was important to me when making my selection because I want my glasses to comfortable all day, no matter where I am traveling to!  The Plume Collection is filled with elegant styles and designer-quality frame options, which made it difficult to choose just one pair.  And want to know the best part about these frames??  They are super affordable starting at just $129!

The Plume Collection is also unique because all five styles are inspired by fanciful birds.  You have:

Finch (these were my second option): This style adds harmony to any wardrobe with sweeping lines and contours in rich reds.

Flicker (this is my selection!): A gentle cat-eye shape in muted shell and blue coloring provides expression reminiscent of the charming bird.

Ibis: A combination of striking black lace and blue mosaic colors lends exoticism to subtly curved frames that appear to take flight.

Lark: Dashes of grays, whites, blacks, light pinks and purples make this otherwise soft-shaped frame a striking captivator.

Pipit: Light, sweet and fanciful like the bird, these frames have a rounded shape in vibrant hues that create a whimsical, playful look.

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Again, I had a hard time choosing between the Flicker and the Finch because both styles were so cute!  I ended up going with the Flicker (which I love) as think this style is so fun and unique.  Once I selected my frames, the staff at Eyemart Express (Vision 4 Less) was super helpful in letting me know that we would opt for the Trivex Lenses.  We went with these lenses because they help to keep these glasses extremely light given that they are the lightest lens option.  These lenses are also the clearest, most precise option, have premium anti-reflective coating, have superior scratch resistance, a wider field of view AND help with improved night and computer vision (which we all know I need!).  As I drove through Nevada, Arizona and Utah last weekend, my new lenses came in handy both on the road at night and when I had to stop to do some work.  I seriously cannot get over how comfortable they are!

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I have always said, there are a few things I cannot travel without and these new frames are now on my list.  I can wear them all day, making long travel days more enjoyable, and they definitely help with my evenings on the road.  For a girl who used to hate wearing glasses, I am thankful that I now have my new frames to change my perspective a bit.  Be sure to head to your nearest Eyemart Express location to try on your very own Plume Collection Frames.  I promise you will not be disappointed and your eyes will thank you!

Frames provided by Eyemart Express but all thoughts and opinions remain  my own.

Photos by Darian Kayce Photography