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Happy New Year!! Can you believe it is 2018???  I know I can’t but I am definitely excited for this new year!  This past year brought some beautiful, yet challenging, moments with it but for the most part was one for the books.  JL and I were fortunate enough to see more of the world together, which I will always cherish.  If you remember, we traveled with this family to Alaska back in the summer.  This trip was so much fun, not only because we were venturing through a new place, but because I was able to watch his family venture.  They live in a small town so things that I take for granted while traveling, meant so much to them, creating good reminders for me.  We also added Lake Tahoe to the list recently, as a new skiing spot.  Typically in years past, we have skied in Winter Park, Colorado, but I have to say, Lake Tahoe was BEAUTIFUL.  And of course we made several trips to the beach because, what would summer be without the beach?  

To add to the list, this year for the new year we were in Argentina (see Instagram), so we were able to celebrate in a way we never have before!  Argentina was a trip of a lifetime and I am so thankful for the time we had with my family! While on the trip though, I couldn’t help but think about things I wanted to implement in to this upcoming year, and started to make a mental list of goals, dreams and places to see for 2018.  Keep reading to see more of what I have my sights set on for the new year!

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It is inevitable that at the beginning of each year, I make a list.  A list of places I wanted to travel to.  A list of things, or activities I want to try.  A list of goals I hope to accomplish.  I tell you, I am big on the lists.  What I am guilty of though is not following up on my list.  Aside from maybe the places to travel, I don’t know that I can honestly say I “cross off” or “accomplish” my to-do list each year.  So what is the point?  What is really the point of making these lists if I don’t intend to cross things off?  These lists are motivating for sure.  They help keep me focused.  But shouldn’t my goal be (in addition to the goals on my list) to actually cross them off?  Well, that is exactly it this year.  There are things that I want to do, and new places I want to see in 2018, but my main goal is to actually CROSS THINGS OFF THE LIST.  I want to focus on a few things and truly work towards being better at those few…and actually completing them.  I am going to do my best to stick to my guns but definitely call me out if you see me stray.  Because truthfully, at the end of 2018, I want to feel like I have done something.  I want to make a difference.  I want to be better.  So now is my time.  It is time to hold myself accountable.  To take action.  And to get my sharpie out and start crossing things off.

Personal Goals

Deeper quiet times - There was point in college when I would not even think about beginning my day before I had my quiet time.  And when I think about those years, I was at a different place mentally.  I truly believe I was happier, I was more patient and honestly, way less stressed.  So going in to 2018, I want to make it a goal to have that time and to get back in to that groove.  Because really, He should be the first thing I turn to in the morning.  Not Instagram.  Not social media.  Not the news.  Him.  So that is goal number one.

To be more present - I am SO guilty of not being present.  As someone who is on their phone constantly for work, I am quick to choose that over the people around me.  Which I do not want to do.  So in 2018, I am going to try to be more present.  Maybe set times for myself when I can be on my phone then times when I need to focus on my loved ones around me.  However I choose to do it, this is definitely a priority.  

To cook more - I know this sounds silly but it needs to be on here.  As you can probably tell, I am so guilty of over committing my time.  With that being said, I get home late and leave a lot of (or most of) the cooking to JL.  Don’t get me wrong, he does enjoy grilling himself, but I WANT to be better about this.  So any recipes you have, go ahead and send them my way!

To figure out where we want to be long term - I know this one seems odd because I can’t really “manage” it.  So I guess what I am trying to say is we need to pray about things more.  Put a little more trust in Him, and a little less trust in the Google search bar.

Blog Goals

To be more real - You may have noticed that I am trying to write more now.  When I first started blogging, I was extremely fearful of putting myself out there.  During the past few years, I have gotten better, but I still don’t feel that I am my most genuine self all of the time.  So…that’s a new goal.  I want to be real, to be honest and to be someone who you feel you can connect to.  If there is anything you want me to address up to this point, DM me!  I can work on it for you!

To challenge myself - Along with being timid in my writing, I have been timid in how I challenge myself on the blog.  I am quick to say, “Oh, that brand won’t be interested in me,” or “Oh, I probably do not have enough followers for them.”  Not anymore people.  It is time to put myself out there and to be brave.  You never know what will happen until someone says “no.”  And even then, at least they will see my name in the process.

Places to See

Iceland - I am DYING to go.  I have never been and want to go SO bad.  I genuinely think the Blue Lagoon is calling my name.

Italy - Fun fact: I have a minor in Italian.  I studied abroad in college and visited several times while in high school. But with that being said, I want to take Jon Luke.  I love bringing him to new places so Italy is a must.  And I have never done Positano so that is definitely on my list!

Thailand - This was recently added.  I never really thought that I cared to travel that far but it looks amazing.  It is for sure on the list.

Bali - Who has ever said anything bad about Bali?  No one.  

Bora Bora - My goal for this is to go for our five year anniversary, so hopefully it will be on the books for March of 2019!

Chicago - Surprisingly I have never been.  I would love to visit though so it may have to happen this year!

Rhode Island - I actually have been to Rhode Island, but it was for a tennis tournament.  Again, I want to go with Jon Luke and see more of the sights!

So there you have it guys, my goals and places to see.  This is what I am going to focus on this year, but more importantly, I am going to actually try to CROSS THEM OFF MY LIST.  I said it.  Hold me accountable.  I definitely do not want to look back at 2018 and say what I am saying now, so here’s to you 2018.  Crushing goals and booking flights.  Sounds like it will be a great year to me!  Happy New Year!