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Growing up, I always admired my mom’s fashion.  She was brave in her choices, and wore things I never saw myself wearing.  For example, her Levi’s.  My mom had this pair of Levi’s that I always LOVED…on her.  They were not what my friends were wearing so I definitely couldn’t take that risk, but boy did my mom make them look good.  They sat high on her waist (you know the hip-hugger was big for my generation at that time) and they had holes in them that were perfectly placed at her knees.  I always admired how these jeans hugged her curves without being skin-tight.  This was a time when the skinny jean wasn’t quite a thing yet, and the boyfriend fit was not even on our radar.  So when the hip-hugger, tight fit, long jeans were “in”; my mom wore a slightly looser fit pair of Levi’s that I was JEALOUS of!  I always loved seeing her wear them.  But that was just it.  I loved them on her…until now.

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Recently I have purchased two pairs of Levi’s.  I won’t lie to you, I was HESITANT at first because I am extremely picky with my denim.  But I took the plunge, and it was well worth it.  These jeans are perfect.  Like my mom’s pair, they sit high on my waist (what was I thinking with the hip-hugger?) and the holes hit right at my knees.  They really are a true denim, which I love.  They are not jeggings, and they do not stretch a ton, but they hug my curves in all the right places and I absolutely love that about them.  The material is thick and the shade of denim goes with everything!  So really if you want my opinion...you should own a pair of Levi's.

As I have said before, my mom has played a large role in the evolution of MY fashion.  When she was bold enough to wear something different than everyone else, I noticed.  My confidence has grown and now I want to be that person that steps away from the pack.  It is cool though because my mom has given so much to me in the fashion department, but now I will wear something that she wants to try, so I can finally give back to her.  So mom...thank you for wearing your Levi's.