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There is nothing I love more than when I am able to take time for myself. Whether I am able to clean my house, clean out my closet, take a nap, read a book…there are so many things I can do when I have time for ME. But I will say, my ultimate “me time” is when I can light all my candles, take a bath and pamper myself for a bit. I love trying different face masks, helping my skin recover from a long week. I was recently given the opportunity to try the new Olay Clay Stick Masks and y’all…they did not disappoint!

I want to tell you my thoughts on these super convenient masks, but first I did my best to show you just how easy they are to apply!

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Step One:

Select your mask! Olay has several options when it comes to their Clay Stick Masks. I love the Pore Detox Clay Stick mask because it gets deep into my pores, but the Fresh Reset Clay Stick mask is also great when I want to feel more refreshed!

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Step Two:

Apply Mask! Yep…it is that easy! The Olay Clay Stick Masks make it so easy to rejuvenate my skin no matter where I am. They travel so well (no mess!) and you can see here how easy they are to apply! Just rub the stick on the areas of your face you want to focus on and you are good to go. Cover your entire face, or focus on your “T-Zone”…it is up to you! Once your mask is evenly applied, you can go about your day and not worry about it falling off or getting anywhere. This is so helpful for the days when I am tackling my to-do list while I have my mask on. It is multi-masking at its finest!

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Step Three:

Enjoy your mask! This is where you get to do you all while you give your skin the boost it needs. As I said before, these masks make it SUPER easy to multi-task (or multi-mask!) so you can get your stuff done. Let your mask sit for about ten minutes, then simply rinse with warm water and ta-da! You’ve done it.

After trying the different Olay Clay Stick Masks, I have to say I really am a fan. My face felt so soft after each mask, and my skin did not feel dry at all. I tend to select more “hydrating” masks when I am selecting my products because I always have a fear of drying out my skin. Thankfully, I do not have to worry about that with the Olay Clay Stick Masks. My skin felt great and I was ready to take on the day! If I had to choose one of the three, the Pore Detox Clay Stick mask was probably my favorite. I truly felt that it got deep down into my pores and attacked the oily areas of my face. That is a win in my book!

Whether you are a girl on the go, or good at making time for yourself, these masks are just what you need. And another great thing about these masks is that they are available at your local Walmart! Head to the cosmetic section and pick up your own Olay Clay Stick Mask today because I promise you…your “me-time” and your face will thank you!


This post is sponsored by Olay.