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Whether you are in school, or running a business, staying organized is something that will help you function no matter what.  So, how do you choose to stay organized?  Do you like to write things down?  Or are you someone who memorizes things well?  For me, I am definitely a visual learner which means I am extremely visual when it comes to remembering things.  This leads me to my planner.  I was always so excited for the first day of school because that meant new school supplies...a.k.a, a new planner.  This is how I function y'all.  I need my space to write things down and remember!  I go as far as to color code things (yes, I am that person), to help me classify on levels of importance.  My tricks are insane but I have some how managed these last few years, so I am going to share some of my biggest tips with you!

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Some of My Tips:

1. Buy a Planner:  I seriously would be a hot mess without mine!  I love to write things down, so my number one criteria is that I have to have space within my planner to write.  I applaud people who can function out of the pocket planners but I need something hefty, with enough space for me to make a list if I need it.  I also like to have both the "calendar view" and "weekly view".  Again, this allows me to write when I need it, which is so helpful!

2. Make Lists:  Whether I am writing in my planner, or in my notebook, I LOVE to have an actual list to work off of.  When I can go back and cross things off I feel so accomplished!

3. Seriously...Color Code:  I would be lost without my colorful pens because each color means something to me.  I attribute so many things in my life now to colors because that it how I write them down.  Weird  I know, but I can always remember.  This would actually help my study when I would re-write my notes in a different color also!

4. Organize Your Space:  I get so much more done when my space is organized and my distractions are limited.  Sit at a desk or table where you can spread your stuff out and take good notes or see what it is you are trying to accomplish.  I hope that one day soon, we will be able to have a home office because I seriously will be able to get so much more done!

5. Take Breaks:  Again, whether you are studying or planning content for a business, it is OKAY to take breaks.  I can remembers times when I just push and push to get stuff done and I come out feeling tired and defeated.  When I allow myself time to sit and process, then take a break, I feel so much more confident in my preparation! 

Everyone has a different technique to help them study/work.  It is completely okay to do your own thing and have different study habits.  Find what works for you and roll with it!