I am sure it was no secret, but one of the things I LOVED about Charleston was the abundance of PINK WALLS.  If you are a dedicated follower on Instagram, then you know...I have a thing for pink walls.  It is so true.  I literally drive around and search for them.  Is that terrible?  I mean, what has my life come to?  But it is the truth...and I am all about being truthful.  Anyways, Charleston was full of charming side streets and beautiful buildings, but when I would find a good pink wall, you can bet I had to stop of a photo op.  Nope, no shame in my game.


Top | Jeans | Shoes | Bag

For our first day in Charleston, I wanted to be comfy while we walked around.  An easy go-to look for me is jeans and a button down because I feel comfortable and confident at the same time.  The high-waisted style of my Levi's pairs perfectly with my button down tops.  I can front tuck, half tuck, or tie a knot and I will be ready go.  Why not just leave my shirt out you ask?  Well, sometimes I do, but to be honest I try to accentuate my waist when I can.  I loved this look from Charleston because I took two classic pieces in my top and jeans and added a bold shoe to tie it all together.  These white mules really sealed the deal with this outfit and I love how it all came together!