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Are you spontaneous?  If I called you right now and said lets go to Italy, would you do it?  I know for myself, I would probably have to sit on it for a few days.  You know...there are finances, there is airfare.  Things we have to think about right?  Well, I am kind of over it.  I am over the stress.  Over the worry.  It just seems pointless to me.  I am ready for a little more spontaneity.  Ready to live on the edge a little.  Because if I fail then I will learn from my mistakes, but if I fly...it will be glorious.

So in the the spirit of spontaneity, I started to think about my friends.  Do you all have that crazy friend that will be on board for anything you suggest?  You know.  The, "hey, I want to go somewhere, let's buy plane tickets," kind of conversation and they are pretty much always on board?  Well thankfully, I am surrounded by them and I have to say, it makes life exciting!  And they hold me accountable to my, "I am ready to do this!" mentality which helps when I want to keep my wallet in my purse.  I mean, who doesn't want to pack up and go on a road trip in California, or maybe even venture to a tropical island???  This girl for sure does.

Thankfully, my life has been filled with fun, loving and spontaneous people.  I feel pretty blessed to know that I can count on my people to go crazy with me.  They love me, they support me, they won't let me do anything truly stupid, but they help me soar (which may include a little bit of stupid every now and then).  The amount of support I get from my peeps is crazy and I seriously cannot imagine doing life without them. I know this is a random thought but sometimes we need random, right?  We need spontaneous.  We need those moments that make you say, "yep, I want to do it again."  And as I go through all of my California content (hope you're ready for whats coming), I can't help but think about these friendships/spontaneous moments and just stop and be thankful for them.  Because without those people or those moments, life would get pretty boring and who wants boring?

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Blogger Gracefully Taylored with NA-KD Fashion.jpg

As I said earlier, I have so much (probably too much) California content to share with you over the next few weeks BUT today is my girl Kendall's birthday, which means I couldn't help but share this spontaneous moment we had when we pulled off the road on our way to Malibu to see Santa Monica Pier.  When in Cali right?  


Photos by Darian Kayce Photography