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As I am sure you can tell by now, I love creativity.  The uniqueness of design and color and patterns; art that can tell a story at one glance.  It amazes me.  And the coolest part about creatives is that they can come in many forms.  I, am a blogger.  I choose to put my creative efforts towards fashion and travel and helping you guys style looks.  Some people choose photography.  They can pick up a camera and capture an image that will take your breath away.  Then there are the painters.  With the simple stroke of a brush, a canvas comes to life and we are swept into a scene unlike any other.  Now the other creatives that amaze me are the designers.  Clothing designers, home designers, jewelry designers.  They see an image in their mind and make it a reality for us to enjoy.  That is pretty spectacular.

So on the topic of designers, I want to tell you about a jewelry designer I was recently introduced to.  Though we have not physically met, Kaci and I did connect through our passions on social media (thank you Instagram).  She reached out to me about her jewelry company PS46, and I was immediately intrigued.  I began to look at her “about” page and scrolled through her creations on her website.  Her story is beautiful and her pieces are classic.  What caught my eye though is that these pieces allow me to tell a story.

“Do not forsake yourself.”

You might wonder what this means.  Hand-stamped on a piece of rose gold are these words that make you want to know more.  They drew you in and now we can start a conversation about my story.  So, let me tell you.

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Recently I have felt the Lord speaking to me about how I compare myself to others.  Instagram/social media can be a beautiful thing but it can also make me long for something that is not what God had planned for me.  I constantly struggle with comparing my blog to others and wonder what I am doing wrong.  I become consumed with how I can get my likes, or followers or whatever it is, and I spend SO much time wrapped up in this world that the comparison game becomes real for me.  A few months ago, I attended the Hillsong women's conference and there were two things that stuck out to me throughout the weekend.

1. When you want to be someone else, you forsake yourself.

2. God can't anoint you while you are trying to be someone else.

Everyone moment I spend trying to be someone else, I forsake who God called me to be.  He has a plan for me and the reality is, my selfish desires can stand in the way of that plan.  I need to remember not to abandon his plan and my calling.  This is where the statement on my bracelet came from.  It is a constant reminder for me to not forsake who I am and who He called me to be.

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The pieces from PS46 can be custom made however you choose.  Choose 14k gold or rose gold fill (so they wont tarnish) or sterling silver, and then find words that mean something to you.  Maybe it’s a special date, or coordinates.  Maybe its a word or five words…you tell Kaci and she will hand-stamp it for you.  Click here to shop my bracelet and use code TAYLOR10 for 10% off your order.  Think of something that will draw people in and make they say, “hey, tell me your story.”