Summer Swim

Blogger Gracefully Taylored in Target Swim(5).jpg

IT'S SUMMERTIME! I have literally been singing praises for the warm weather (except now it is storming outside) and LOVING the sunshine! While we have been super busy the past few weekends, I have wanted nothing more than to lay by the pool.  Well, I would like to be at the beach but I won't be picky right now.  Anyways, the pool is definitely doing its job as my tan lines are out in full force!  (True story, it is probably one of my favorite feelings to be tan/have tan lines I guess because I always grew up with them from tennis.  Although, they are way less awkward now!)  BUT, with the summer heat, I couldn't help but put together another swimwear round-up because there are SO many good suits out there right now!  Keep reading to see more of my favs right now and hopefully you are able to enjoy the sun also!

Blogger Gracefully Taylored in Target Swim.jpg


For real when I go to shop for swimwear now, I start with the one pieces.  There are so many cute options with cut outs and prints, I cannot get enough of this style!  This one I am wearing here is from Target (super affordable) and can almost double as a bodysuit! 

Blogger Gracefully Taylored in Target Swim(1).jpg


So you probably know by now that I love high-waisted styles.  I truly feel that this style fits my body well but every now and then I will slip in a true bikini.  Guess it just depends on how much I ate that day haha BUT, again there are so many suits I have my eye on right now.  This one from Onia is definitely going to make an appearance soon (stay tuned), but really I just love new swimwear!

Blogger Gracefully Taylored in Target Swim(3).jpg


So while the swimsuit itself is important when laying by the pool or on the beach, the cover-up is arguably just as important.  I mean, of we have to look stylish when we go from location to I right?  Well, to tell you the truth, I love a good cover-up because I will end up spending the day in my suit so it is easy for me to just be able to throw it on and go!

I could go on and on about my favorite swimwear honestly but I'll take a break for now.  In the meantime, take a look at these styles and go ahead and plan a trip to the beach or the will be great!