Winter White

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Over the weekend I asked you guys what you wanted to see on the blog. You sent in your responses and I have been content planning like NO OTHER this week. I loved hearing what you guys had to say and reading your ideas…keep them coming!

While there were so many responses I loved (and I will get to more of them), there was one that I wanted to go ahead and talk about now.

The question: “How to wear winter white and make it work.”

My answer: “Just rock it.”

Haha But seriously, I LOVE wearing white all year round. Breaking rules left and right, you know? I truly feel though that as long as you do it correctly, you can wear white throughout the year. So with that being said, I want to fill you in on some of my secrets.

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When planning your winter white look, think about all aspects of your wardrobe. Are you styling a white sweater and pants? Or is your focus on your coat? What look are you trying to create? It is probably obvious but when I am styling white during the winter, I want to look “wintery.” I obviously will not wear a white tank, linen pants and sandals in November (even though I could probably get away with it in Louisiana). But white, or off white jeans, a chunky cream sweater and brown booties give off a COMPLETELY different vibe…and you are still wearing white.

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For each look in this post, I wore white (well after labor day) and was able to make each look work accordingly. So I thought it would be a good idea to break down each one and explain how I made them work for fall! Starting with look number one in the camel coat.

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Coat (similar here) | Tank | Shorts (similar here) | Hat | Sunglasses

For this look, I decided to go for the all white tank and shorts look. When putting it together though, I knew that my camel coat was going to be involved, and would quickly become the statement piece in my look. Keeping my accessories in the camel family, I added a neutral bag and hat to tie in more “fall” tones. In this instance I was wearing a neutral sandal, but I have also worn this look with camel booties, making it feel even more like fall. This is still one of my favorite looks right now because it is comfortable and works with the heat in Louisiana. My coat is lighter than it looks, and regardless of the all white underneath, it is able to absorb most of the attention, which is what I was going for. As the temperatures drop though, I can easily switch out the white shorts for white trousers and I will still be able to wear this look into winter!

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Sweater (similar here) | Skirt | Hat | Shoes (similar here) | Sunglasses

For this second look, my focus was on my corduroy skirt. I loved the white off-the-shoulder sweater with this skirt and was struggling to find the right shoe. I decided to add my cream mules because I love how they tie in with the sweater. Again, I added neutral accessories, keeping with the muted fall tones and love how this look turned out! I think because my mules are closed-toe, they give a different feel than if I was wearing white sandals. Again, it is all about the pieces you choose to put together, so be confident in whatever you decide!

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Finally, for my third look, my focus was on my sweater. I love the black, cream and tan stripes and wanted to bring out the cream to lighten the look. I decided to go with a pair of denim that I thought would pair well with this sweater. The high-waist and cropped styled did not take away from the sweater, but kept things simple and classic. Here, I decided to go with a black mule to tie into the black in the sweater, but a black or tan bootie would have been great also!

As you notice for a lot of these looks, I rely heavily on my accessories. by adding in a felt hat and a neutral or darker bag, the white becomes a bit more muted. Keeping your tones in the “fall” family, working with a mix of the white and darker shades is fun and definitely helps carry the all white from season-to-season.

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Sweater | Pants | Shoes (similar here) | Hat | Sunglasses

For real though, you will probably see a lot more white from me throughout the winter. I love to keep my looks “lighter” and mix in darker tones with my accessories or statement pieces. Really, it is all about balance. If you can balance the white with a sweater, coat, or other fall accessories, you will easily be able to transition the white into the cooler months. I said it before, just be confident in what you decide to wear…and JUST ROCK IT!