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You all probably know by now that really any beach makes me happy. I will say though, two years ago Jon Luke and I decided to spend a long weekend on 30A and I fell in love. A couple of weeks ago, I went back with some girl friends for a bachelorette party and I was reminded how much I love it there. I decided that I wanted to do a little round up of what I know up to this point in case you are planning a beach getaway!


Where You Should Stay

The Point at 30A - This is where Jon Luke and I stayed when we went the first time. Just a short bike ride from Rosemary Beach, I think it is in a great spot! The room was SO nice and the pool they have on property is amazing!

Rent a House - When I visited recently with the girls, we rented a house Watersound. I LOVED IT. The community was SO nice, the house was beautiful and we just had a short walk to the beach. I would definitely recommend this route if going with a big group!

The Pearl - This hotel is adorable. JL and I had drinks here multiple times during our weekend stay and I love the vibes!


Grab A Bite

Chef Kali - If you rent a house, you should 100% hire a chef. Chef Kali came and cooked for us on our first night and we had SO MUCH FUN. Especially if you have a large group, this is the perfect option for you to be able to stay in the comfort of your home and just enjoy your time together!

Caliza Restaurant - This adorable spot is in Aly’s Beach and it was perfect. An outdoor spot, it gives off a Mediterranean vibe and the food was delicious!

Havana Beach Bar & Grill - This restaurant is located in the Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach and it was wonderful. You can head to the rooftop bar first then come down for dinner.

Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop Bar - Multiple people told me to try this so it is definitely on the list for the next trip!

Big Bad Breakfast - This is one of JL’s favorite breakfast joints. It is so good!

La Crema - A fun tapas joint in Rosemary Beach!


Things To Do

The Beach - I mean, this is pretty obvious but the beaches along 30A are beautiful!

Ride Bikes - Pretty much everyone down there has a bike, which I love. Most houses come with bikes, or there are bike rentals all over town. Grab a bike and go for a ride!

Shopping - If you need a break from the beach there is great shopping in the area!

Rent a Boat - You might have to drive back up to Destin but if you can get out on the water for the day, you will not be disappointed!

Seaside Square - This is such a great hang out spot for all ages!

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a trip to the beach. Just find the right time and then go enjoy the ocean air and RELAX! There are so many great spots all along 30A, you definitely cannot go wrong when planning a trip. Have fun and enjoy!