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Want to know a random fact about me?  Well, I LOVE TO CLEAN. I am not necessarily the “cleanest” person all the time, but when I get in to my cleaning mode…it is on!  Lately, I have been on such a house kick and have been all about cleaning up and cleaning out. We’ve spent the past two weeks getting down and dirty when it comes to our space (you will see why very soon!), which is why I have been obsessing over my new Hoover vacuum from Sears!

If you can remember, last week Jon Luke and I stopped in Lafayette at the grand opening of the Sears Home & Life store on our way to Dallas.  While there, I was on the hunt for a new washer/dryer combo, as well as a new vacuum that will help me keep up with Murphy. As you can see, I have a nearly white lab and dark hardwood floors (which was probably poor planning on my part), so I am constantly cleaning up after both him and his hair!

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My new Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet vacuum has been such a great addition to our home.  It is easy to use around the house, and is sure to pick up all the hair it can find…which I love!  Murphy has been the greatest addition to our lives, but your boy sheds like no other. That’s why, when I was searching for a new vacuum, I knew I wanted something that was pet specific.  We were in desperate need of a vacuum that would keep up with our lives and with Murphy, and we definitely found it at the Sears Home & Life store!

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In addition to finding the perfect vacuum for our needs, we found so much more at Sears Home & Life that we now want.  The Craftsman tool selection had Jon Luke creating lists in his mind of what he could build next, while the appliance section had my mind racing.  While I was wondering back and forth through the washers and dryers, the sales associates were SO helpful in helping look for the right pair for our family.  I do not know what I would have done without them!

While at the Sears Home & Life store, we also learned about their ‘Home Services’ section, which will keep your household running smoothly, even on days that don’t seem to be going your way.  Whether you are hosting the family for Thanksgiving and your oven goes out, or you find a leak in your roof during the rainy season, Sears has you covered, which is AMAZING!

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You have probably seen on my Instagram lately, but when it comes to shopping, my mind has been on house stuff lately, as opposed to clothing.  (Crazy, I know!) Having the Sears Home & Life store open so close to us will be a HUGE help when looking to upgrade our home. From appliances to mattresses, they had SO much to offer in store that it will be hard NOT to find what I am looking for.  I am already planning my next trip back so I can find my washer and dryer so stay tuned!


This post is sponsored by Sears but all thoughts and opinions remain my own.