High Street


It is a new year, which means…NEW FRAMES! If you have been around for a while, then you know that my eyes are not great. I started wearing glasses when I was about twelve years old and remember it being one of the most traumatizing days of my life. Thankfully though, I have learned to embrace my poor eyesight and now know how to style fun & unique frames! Picking out new frames has become one of my favorite ways to accessorize each day. Often times, a cute pair of specs is just what my outfit needs to get that perfectly curated look, so I have enjoyed trying different frame styles over the years.

From metal, to plastic, to neutral colors and vibrant shades, trying on different frames is exciting for me. I tend to lean towards a minimal, neutral styles which is why I was so happy to discover the High Street collection at Eyemart Express (Vision 4 Less)!


A few months back, I partnered with Eyemart Express (Vision 4 Less) and shared their Plume collection with you guys (see the post here). This collection was filled with lightweight, stylish frames that were perfect for any fashionista. Recently, I have added to my personal frames, but this time from their High Street collection! When I first saw these frames, I knew immediately that they were exactly what I was looking for when it comes to style. Without any hesitation, I was drawn to the matte metal and neutral color tones. Most of the time, that is exactly what I look for when searching for the right pair of frames so this line was perfect for me! (And you all know I went with the gold!) Not only are the design of these frames beautiful, but each pair looks and feels extremely high end. It took me a while to decide which route I was going to go, but I ultimately decided on the High Street Mercer and High Street Beacon. I opted for a pair of tinted lenses as well as my optical, which has been nice to switch up. The clean lines of these frames are perfect for everyday where or a night out, but either way, you will feel fabulous in this line from Eyemart Express (Vision 4 Less)!


When I search for my frames, one of the most important things I look for is comfort and versatility. I travel often which means I need the comfort for those long flights and the versatility to go with any look I have planned for the trip. The High Street collection at Eyemart Express is perfect because the frames are classic styles with a little bit of edge. The Mercer style is the pair I chose for my optical frames are my FAVORITE and I wear them all the time!

And a fun side note about this line; each frame is named after one of the world’s most iconic shopping destinations/fashion icons such as:

High Street Beacon (my pick!): A fashion-forward style, these round frames are a game changer. They are modernized, yet feminine with sleek matte metal and an ultra-lightweight design, which is perfect for long travel days.

High Street Ladybird: This cat-eye silhouette has unique curves that will definitely draw attention to your unique feminine style. The retro feel is so fun to style!

High Street London: These frames are perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle. The lines on these square frames are striking and will catch the attention of everyone around.

High Street Mercer (my pick!): An iconic aviator style, these frames definitely give you that “cool-girl” feel!

High Street Milan: Suited for any fashionista, these frames have a dramatic brow line and will stand out in any crowd.

High Street Pearl: A twist on the classic aviator, these frames are both lightweight and chic.

High Street Perry: An elegant and dainty frame, the soft curves of these lenses are perfect for everyday wear!


You can see in these images, both the High Street Mercer (optical) and the High Street Beacon (sunglasses). I knew I needed both frames because each one of them plays perfectly into my casual, yet sophisticated style. When selecting my frames, the staff at Eyemart Express (Vision 4 Less) was beyond helpful. They were patient with my while I went back and forth in my decision and were also helpful in deciding which frames to choose. I ended up selecting both styles ( I could not decide!) and went with one optical pair and one tinted pair. I opted for regular sunglasses, but Eyemart Express can also make your sunnies prescription if you prefer! I made my selection and in just two short hours, both of my frames were ready to be picked up. The ease and speed of Eyemart Express definitely makes it all worth it…and my frames are ADORABLE!

If you are on the hunt for a new pair of frames (new year, new you!) be sure to check out the High Street collection, exclusively available at Eyemart Express (Vision 4 Less). I promise you will not be disappointed!


Frames provided by Eyemart Express but all thoughts and opinions remain  my own.