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I cannot believe that in a mere month and a half, Jon Luke and I will have been married for FIVE years.  How crazy is that?  I can still remember when he texted me for the first time.  I was in Atlanta prepping for a tennis match against Georgia Tech when the text came through.  We had just finished a late night practice and I went to check my phone…there it was.  From then, it happened quickly I guess.  We started “talking” as they say, hanging out, and eventually in late march became official.   It was not long after that I left for a summer abroad in Italy and realized while I was gone that I had fallen in love.  We dated for almost three years, and then got married on March 1, 2014 and let me tell y’all, it has been an exciting (almost) five years.

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So, in light of our five year anniversary quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to talk about every girl’s best friend…diamonds.  But, not just any diamonds.  Today I want to share with you all an amazing company called MiaDonnaMiaDonna is a company that seeks to provide individuals with conflict-free diamond options, helping to eliminate the active conflict diamond mining industry.  Handcrafted in the United States, MiaDonna is working to educate the world on the importance of lab-grown diamonds and the positive impact they have on our environment.  With a ton of beautiful, ethical and affordable stones and settings to choose from, MiaDonna is a wonderful place to start when you are in search of your “something sparkly.” 

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And in addition to being an eco-friendly diamond option, MiaDonna is also SUPER convenient.  We all know it is much easier to stay home and shop online, but we also know the hesitation when selecting new products.  You would rather see it in person and make sure it is worth it right?  Well, insert the Home Try-On box.  Yep, you read that correctly.  You can order rings to try on in the comfort of your own home.  So…not sure what style you prefer when searching for diamonds and want to see it on your finger first?  Well MiaDonna has just what you need when it comes to their Home Try-On box!  As easy as 1,2,3, all you have to do is:

Step One

Head to their website (click here).

Step Two

Select the Try-on box option at the top of the page.

Step Three

Browse through the many settings they have online and select FOUR rings of your choice that you would love to try.  Once you have narrowed it down to your top engagement rings and bands, you will be able to complete your order and receive your box in just a few days!  

It really is that easy.  Just a few days after you place your order, your box will arrive on your doorstep.  You can try on the different styles you have selected, take pictures, share them with your friends and narrow your selection down to the perfect diamond for you.  And another great thing about this service is that the try-on session is free.  Yes…FREE!  All you have to do is provide a $100 security deposit that will be refunded as soon as the rings are returned, and there is no obligation to purchase. Yes please!

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You can see in these pictures that when I was trying out the Home Try-On box, I opted for three engagement rings and one band.  I know for my personal style, I love sleek, classic bands, but that I wanted to play around with different styles of engagement rings.  I opted for three slightly different settings when selecting my rings, but the options are truly endless!

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There is nothing I love more than having a peace of mind while I am shopping, especially when it comes to a commitment like a diamond.  This makes the Home Try-On box a perfect solution when attempting to find that perfect ring.  Not only will you eliminate the stress of purchasing a ring sight unseen, but when shopping with MiaDonna, you can also have the peace of mind knowing that you are helping to change the world, one eco-diamond at a time.  With each purchase, MiaDonna will donate at least 5% to The Greener Diamond Foundation to help restore the land and lives impacted by the active conflict diamond industry.  (You can read more about their foundation here!)

If you would like to learn more about the story behind MiaDonna, you can read more about their mission here or click here to start shopping their beautiful settings.  Maybe you will fall in love with that perfect ring so go ahead and try it for yourself!


Home Try-On box provided by MiaDonna but all thoughts and opinions remain my own.