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You guys know by now that traveling has become a HUGE part of Jon Luke and I's lives.  We absolutely love it.  To experience new places.  Learn about new cultures.  And to just see the world.  It has been so much fun to be able to get up and go when we can, and I definitely do not take these moments for granted.  To be honest, if you ask either one of us to pack a bag, we would be ready in five minutes.  (Okay, maybe ten.)

With all of our travels, we have learned a lot along the way.  One thing in particular is how to pack a bag.  You might not think about it often, but it is important to make sure that you have everything you need for your trip.  Everyone can be different, but I like to make a list before I start.  Then I know I am going to have everything I need once we get to our destination.  I like to plan out my outfits (both for pictures and just to have), then I like to separate them in to two groups: 1. my main suitcase and 2. what I want in my carry-on.  That is one thing we have learned, is to have a carry on full of things that could get you through a few days of a trip.  (Coming from the couple who lost a few suitcases along the way...) Once I have my piles ready to go, I can begin to pack and move on to what I consider my most important items...my skincare.

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No matter where we are headed, I am always making sure that my skincare is at the top of my list.  Traveling can be hard on my skin, so I have to be sure to take care of it every step of the way.  With my Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and my Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer SPF 25, I can keep my skin feeling healthy in all climates.  

Each night before bed, I want to add moisture back into my skin so I use my Micro-Sculpting Cream to both, hydrate and help keep my skin firm.  This advanced formula helps diminish the look of wrinkles (which I appreciate!) and keeps my skin feeling firm all day, every day.  Not only does it feel amazing, but it smells amazing too!

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Now, I have learned over the years that it is not only to hydrate in the evenings, but at the start of each day as well.  That’s why I use my Regenerist Whip each morning before heading out on any adventure.  Whether we are at home or on a vacation, it is important to me to protect my skin from any harmful rays it might encounter throughout the day.  My Olay Whip has SPF 25, so my skin is staying moisturized AND protected from the sun!  This super lightweight formula is perfect for me because I love to be on-the-go.  It has a breathable feel with a light as air finish and keeps my skin safe throughout the day.

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It is a no-brainer that my Red Jars take the journey with me wherever we are heading. With some upcoming travels on the books, you know I have started my packing lists.  Without a doubt, my Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and my Olay Regenerist Whip are at the top of the list EVERY time, so I can keep my skin healthy no matter where we are!

Click here to learn more about the benefits from the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and the Olay Regenerist Whip and try it for yourself!  I promise you will not be disappointed, and you will start to pack your Red Jar every time YOU hit the road!