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If asked what my “go-to” look is, I think my first answer would be jeans and comfortable sneakers.  Thankfully, I have learned over the years that styling a cute pair of sneakers can go a long way.  Why limit yourself to an athleisure look when you can get SO MUCH out of these cute kicks day-to-day?  Whether you are feeling flirty in a mini skirt, or just want to stick with your boyfriend jeans, your sneakers will cover A LOT of ground…literally.

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Blogger Gracefully Taylored in The FLEXX with Zappos.jpg

So now lets talk about my The FLEXX kicks from Zappos.  I mean, how cute are these???  The minute I saw these blush sneakers I FELL IN LOVE.  And they got even better once I put them on because they are SO comfortable!  As I said before, styling sneakers is something that I have come to enjoy.  You all know, I travel a ton.  That means long travel days, or a lot of walking around our destination.  And to be honest, I am one for comfort over cute.  I mean, if I have a 12 hour travel day, or a day when I know I will be on my feet all day, I want to be able to feel my feet at the end of the day….am I right?

So…insert my sneakers from The FLEXX at Zappos.  They are SO comfortable.  When we were in Dallas two weeks ago, we decided to go roam around Deep Ellum before we left town.  I wandered around all day in these sneakers and was comfortable the entire time.  But the best part about these…they are CUTE also!   Y’all know I love blush, so I was drawn to this color immediately.  These days, blush has become a neutral for me, so I can wear these with so much…which I love!

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I ended up going with the “Sneak Away” style from The FLEXX at Zappos because I do love the lace up look.  They also have a slip on style, “Sneak Name”, and they are another great option!  Either way though, these sneakers are perfect, no matter what kind of look you want to put together.  Seriously, there are SO many ways to style these cute sneakers, so if you need some inspo…keep reading!

I thought it would be fun to give you all some different ideas of how to can style your sneakers and change things up!  Who knows, maybe I will have a style video coming your way soon (hint, hint!).  But in the meantime, here are my five top options when it comes to styling my comfortable kicks!

Option 1: The basic sneakers, jeans and a tee.

I mean, this look is a no-brainer really.  Whenever I am in a hurry and cannot decide what to wear, this is the go-to for me.  I love my boyfriend jeans, so I am quick to grab a graphic tee and sneakers before heading out the door.  

Option 2: Dress it up. 

It is easy to take option 1 up a notch.  Switch out your tee for a cute blouse, or swap the ripped jeans for skinny jeans then add a cute blazer.  When traveling, I tend to pick this option for both comfort and style.

Option 3: A matching set.

You all know that I love a matching set!  I have a sweater skirt/top combo that I wear ALL the time and it might be one of my absolute favorites.  Not only does it look good (in my opinion) but it is SO comfortable.  If you are not a jeans and tee person, a sweater set might be the perfect option for you.  Both feminine and stylish, I love how easy it is to add my sneakers to this look!

Option 4: Make it girly.

Contrary to what many people think, sneakers do not slap the “tomboy” label on you.  I love how these blush suede sneakers from Zappos pair with my flirty mini skirt!  With this option, I can have a flirty feel to my look, while my feet stay comfortable in my sneakers.

Option 5: Playing “Dress” up.

Lightweight dresses in the summer are a no brainer for me.  With the heat we endure in Louisiana, I have to do what I can to stay cool.  I LOVE to pair my sneakers with a good dress look to switch things up!  

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So moral of the story, I pretty much wear my sneakers with everything, and I have learned to not be fearful of “the expectation.”  Step out of the box and pair your sneakers with a dress for summer.  I promise, you will love it!  And if you are on the hunt for a good pair of summer sneakers, these blush kicks from The FLEXX at Zappos are currently at the top of my list.  You can shop for your very own pair here (I also love the white), and get to styling your own comfortable looks for summer! And a bonus…Zappos has FREE two day shipping for their rewards members (sign up here), a 365 day return policy, AMAZING customer service and a HUGE selection of products! Happy shopping!


This post is sponsored by The FLEXX and Zappos but all thoughts and opinions remain my own.