The Graceful Guide

Summer Issue Cover.jpg

Oh hey there Summer! I cannot believe we are halfway through the Summer season. While it feels like it just began, I also am so tired of the heat and humidity…bring on the cooler temps! Until then though, I finally got around to launching the Summer 2019 Issue of the The Graceful Guide! (I know, I am little late, but better late than never, right?) Anyways, I am so happy to finally share this new issue with you guys because it is full of things that I currently have my heart (and pocketbook) wrapped up in…house stuff!

Jon Luke and I are in such a fun season of life right now while we move in to our new home. This summer we spent many days moving out of our first home together and into this new space that we hope to build a family in. We are so thankful to have more space for a family and activities, but you know what that also means? More space to decorate! And while this has been very exciting, it was also overwhelming when it began. Thankfully we are pretty much done with decisions and are just waiting for things to be delivered at this point…yay!

So with all of that being said, you can imagine that instead of searching for the next fashion trend or fall look, I have been eyeing wall mirrors and accent chairs, which is why I wanted this guide to focus on just that. Here are I am sharing some of my picks for each room in the house, so you will have a slight idea of how I am decorating. (Stay tuned for a complete house tour once we are done!) Along with my home decor selections, I am also so excited to share a Q&A with one of my best friends, Paula Rallis. She flips houses, owns a home store, & has her pilots license, so needless to say, she is amazing. She was the perfect person to introduce you all to in this issue so flip through to read more about her story!

Also, a fun addition for this season is that we have added videos! Hover over each page to see what is clickable and you will be able to watch vlogs related to each topic. I hope you guys enjoy this season’s Graceful Guide and cannot wait to start working on the fall issue. If there is anything in particular you guys want to see, shoot me an email or a DM and I will do my best to get it in there for your guys! I hope you enjoy!