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I won't lie, Valentine's Day has not always been my favorite.  I am not sure if it was the Hallmark feel, or the fact that for many years my Valentine was my mom (truth), but I was never really into it.  Then…Jon Luke came into the picture and definitely made things more fun.  What I love about him is that he is great at making holidays and anniversaries exciting.  We like to think outside of the chocolate box and do things that we would both enjoy and have fun with on Valentine’s Day.  So for those who are spending this holiday with a loved one, or with their girls, here are some date night ideas, outfit inspiration and possible gifts for you on this Valentine’s day!

Date Night Ideas

Try a Cooking Class - This has become one of our favorite date night activities.  And not just on Valentine’s Day but all year round!

Recreate Your First Date - Think back to that butterfly feeling you had on that first date...take yourself back to that place!

Do an Escape Room! - Make it a double date and grab a group!  You might find your competitive side come out on Valentine’s Day!

A Classy Bar Crawl - If you are anything like us, we have a few favorite spots to enjoy...so have a drink at each one before dinner! (then plan for an Uber home)

A Spa Day - I am always asking for a massage so this is a perfect way to incorporate it with your loved one!

A Staycation - It is my favorite thing to lounge in my hotel robe and order room service.  Take this time to enjoy some time to yourself!

Outfit Inspo

What To Get Him or Her???