4th of July

As I said previously, one of my favorite memories growing up revolves around the 4th of July holiday.  It was common for my family to head to the lake, or beach, and have your typical celebratory weekend.  We would spend time together as a family, cookout, and relax.  And naturally, there were always fireworks.  Me being the crazy person I am, would have to have my chair set up and ready to go with time to spare.  I never wanted to miss the show.  With all of these memories in mind, my 4th of July look is usually a casual one.  Cut off shorts, a ball cap and my converse are perfect for my holiday weekend!

Top | Shorts | Hat | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses

This year for the 4th, Jon Luke and I are doing something different.  Later today we will be on a plane to Las Vegas to have a getaway weekend, and experience a new city.  This will be a new venture for both of us, but tomorrow night I will be one happy girl at the Garth Brooks concert!  I guess if that means a Vegas 4th of July, then I am ready.  Trading my sandals for boots and heels, I am packed and ready to head out!  For those of you who will be celebrating the 4th with the family, I am sharing some of my favorite traditions below!

  1. Put your toes in the sand - At the beach, or at the lake, kick off your shoes and relax!  That is what this holiday weekend is all about!
  2. Fire up the grill - Per various websites and Facebook posts, I have seen so many great recipes.  You can find anything from dips, to burgers, to desserts and it all looks amazing!
  3. Play a game as a family - Whether it is a board game in the evening, or a game of beach volleyball throughout the day, get the group together and have at it!
  4. Ice cream - Either right before, or right after the firework show, head to the local ice cream parlor and order up the biggest scoop!
  5. Fireworks! - You can't forget the best part of the 4th, the fireworks show!  Watch the show the city puts on, or shoot your own off; but either way it will be a good time!

I hope everyone has a wonderful (and safe) 4th of July weekend!

Photos by Darian Kayce Photography