Coffee Break

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full plenty of fun and rest.  It was a busy one for me, so needless to say I was not ready when my alarm went off this morning.  We have a lot coming up over the next few weeks and I have been spending all my free time getting ready, which means I have had very little time to stop and sit.  So this morning, I just needed a moment.  After being out of bed for only five minutes, I made my coffee and hopped right back in bed.  I turned on the television, checked some emails and just sat.  And it was amazing.  I am thinking I need another coffee break here soon!

Jacket | Top | Pants | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses

A few weeks ago, a group of us ventured down to New Orleans for the day to shoot some different looks.  While down there, i was in desperate need of a coffee break so we stopped at the cutest spot, Drip Affogato Bar.  After fueling myself with the perfect iced coffee, I was ready to get back at it!  This little spot is such a gem and I would definitely put it on our list for your next trip down to New Orleans!

For this look, I slipped on my Gucci mules (which I have become obsessed with) and my go-to blazer from J. Crew.  I bought this blazer last year and pretty much wear it with everything now.  The fit is perfect and I love how neutral the color is.  It comes in other great shades though, so I am thinking I need to pick another one up!

Photos by Darian Kayce Photography