Create & Cultivate

"We are not here to play the game, we're here to change it." - Arianna Schioldager

That was probably my favorite statement from my weekend in Atlanta at the Create & Cultivate Conference.  Let me tell you guys, it was pretty amazing.  To meet other creatives and spend time with people who have walked in the same spot I am currently walking in.  Then to hear from amazing women who were also at one point where I am now.  It was truly a weekend full of inspiration and encouragement so I am sharing some of my favorite moments below!

"If you want to save yourself some energy, just be yourself.  There's nothing else to be.  We each have something to bring to the table.  I think instead of looking outward and focusing on what everyone else is doing, you have to have trust and faith enough in yourself to know that you're going to bring something totally different." - Nicole Richie

I would definitely say that one of the biggest takeaways from the weekend was that most importantly we need to be ourselves.  It is so easy in this industry to get caught up in what others are doing and thinking about you, that it is hard to not judge yourself.  But it is exactly that judgement that will begin to intimidate you and make you think that you are not good enough.  Well, that is just not true.  We are all capable.  We are all strong enough, pretty enough, smart enough and worthy of being here.  So make the most of it.

Another nugget I took with me was to not be afraid to fail.  It really is okay.  We are never going to do it exactly right, and we are never going to be perfect.  So it is important that when we have that idea, or that dream we want to bring to reality, just do it.  Don't be afraid of what people might say or do.  And don't be afraid of the failure.

"Failure can open you up to a world of opportunity." - Jaclyn Johnson

"Instead of being fearless, be courageous." - Daniela Ramirez

"Fail is the first attempt in learning." - Sarah Michelle Geller & Gait Laibow

If you are considering attending the Create & Cultivate Conference yourself, I would HIGHLY recommend it.   A weekend full of inspiring women/entrepreneurs might be just what you need to inspire you to take that step.  In addition to the AMAZING speakers, the entire conference is SO cute.  Vendors from all over and a fun atmosphere really drive the day and keep you entertained the entire time you are there.  Seriously, take the leap and don't ever be afraid of what the outcome might be.

"We need to be the first ones to believe in ourselves." - Nicole Richie