Date Night

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to share some date night ideas.  Jon Luke and I are big on continuing to have "date nights" even though we are not technically dating anymore.  Before we got married we were given a lot of great advice, and one of the things was to continue to date your spouse.  I love this thought and it has stuck with us through out our (almost two!) years of marriage.  With that being said, sometimes our date nights are super casual, but other times we like to dress things up a bit.  I love incorporating my every day work attire, but it making slightly sassier with different heels, or a crop top.  For this look, I took one of my favorite pencil skirts, added these awesome lace ups and boom!  The perfect (and simple) date night look was born.

For those of you who would like a few ideas for date night, I wanted to share some of the things Jon Luke and I like to do to keep things exciting.

  • A wine bar.  We love finding cute little bars that are quiet and cozy where we can enjoy a glass of wine and talk about the week.  I love a cheese plate/board so we have had fun with pairing our wines and cheeses!
  • Coffee.  So a coffee date never gets old.  Just like I love cute little bar style spots, I also love quaint coffee shops.  Whenever we travel we try not to make our usual Starbucks run and find places that are unique to the city!
  • A homemade meal.  It is definitely fun to get dressed up and go out on the town for an evening, but I have to say that a home cooked meal can also be the ticket.  Don't treat it like your everyday dinner.  Try setting the table, turn off the television and truly engage with each other in your own home.
  • Red box.  There are days when all I want to do it curl up in my sweatpants.  It's on these days that we go the Red Box route, renting a good movie and watching it at home.  Dim the lights, light a candle and maybe make a dessert to go with your movie.  Just because you are in your sweatpants does not make it any less of a date night!
  • Cooking classes.  Instead of doing the typical dinner at a restaurant date, change things up and take a cooking class!  There are more places that offer this than you might think so Google classes near you and give it a try!  You can cook up the perfect meal together then enjoy!
  • Be adventurous!  Try something completely out of your comfort zone.  Find a ropes course, go zip lining, maybe even skydiving!  Doing these things with the ones you love make them that much more memorable.
  • Go somewhere.  JL and I love to take a trip any chance we can.  From little weekend getaways to longer vacations, we are always thinking about places we want to see.  If you are trying to keep things simple for date night, even having a "staycation" at a local hotel would be something different and would change up your every day routine!

I could go on and on of other ideas, but I will hold off for now.  Just be creative and remember to truly focus on each other.  No matter where your date night is, it is about the time you spend with one another that matters most!

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Photos by Darian Kayce Photography