Double Buckle

Happy Wednesday everyone!  So as you recently saw, I was seriously coveting this belt.  I have had my eye on it for a while and finally decided that this accessory would be essential in my wardrobe (I have to convince myself of my purchases sometimes).  I absolutely love the double buckle and how unique this item looks on.  The detailing is beautiful and it comes in a variety of hardware colors.  I want them all!

Top | Pants | Belt | Sunglasses

Something to know before purchasing this belt is that because of the double buckle, it will not go through your belt loops.  I didn't really think about that but made it work, wearing it on top of my loops.  Initially I thought this would bother me but it ended up working great!  I have already started thinking about other ways I will want to wear this belt so be forewarned that it will have a huge presence in my future wardrobe!