Gift Guide for the Chef

Pots || French Press || Wine Opener || Wine Cooler || Cheese Knives || Mixer || Cutting Board || Mug || Bar Set

So this entire gift guide is on my Christmas wish list.  I am so in love with the copper kitchen accessories and eventually would love our entire kitchen will be filled with them.  From wine openers to mixers, this beautiful shade would be show stopping in ANY kitchen!  Even if you aren't a fan of the copper though, use this guide as source of ideas as well!  Each of these items in a stainless steel would make any chef happy if I had to guess!

  1. A Pot Set - For the one in your life who loves to cook, maybe a new set of nice pots is what they need?
  2. French Press Coffee Pot - For the coffee lover in your life, this is both unique and helpful. They make great coffee!
  3. Wine opener - I am all about a nifty wine opener.  My family loves a good bottle of wine so I know this item is always a safe bet.
  4. Wine Cooler - Again for the wine lover in your life.
  5. Cheese Knives - Going with the wine theme, I love wine and cheese. I love hosting people at our house, and an easy appetizer option is a variety of cheese.  So this (and the cutting board) will make it pretty!
  6. A Kitchen Aid Mixer - These mixers are simply the best.  They come in a variety of colors though so you are not limited!
  7. A Unique Cutting Board - So I love marble, which makes the marble copper cutting board a great option!
  8. Mug/Glassware - Finish off the table with beautiful copper tableware!
  9. A Bar Set - This could be a great gift OR stocking stuffer!